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One land comm - all fandoms

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Welcome to fandomverse! We are a multi-fandom land community. Every fandom is included here.
So what goes on here? You compete in various challenges--everything from graphics to writing to luck and games to earn your team points with a purpose of helping to earn your team that victory at the end of the phase. You can apply to be a member here.
1. Be nice. No bashing, not towards other members or fandoms, characters etc.

2. You must compete at least one challenge every 2 weeks or you will be removed from the comm and your team. You're welcome to reapply once you have more time to play.

3. No spoilers. For currently airing shows this means you cannot use the current episode in challenges for a week after the episode airs. For older fandoms, please be considerate with major spoilers (character death and such).
Your mods are kasiopeia and digitaldesigner. Any questions, concerns, etc can be addressed through the page-a-mod link in the sidebar.
Team Comedy
club_comedy mods are: jenniferjensen and fushiforever

Team Crime
club_crime mods are: babyara

Team Drama
club_drama mods are: trivher and haces222

Team Scifi
club_scifi mods are: lotrangel17 and craterdweller